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In recent years the DJ has, without doubt, become the essential addition to the success of many bars, hotels and restaurant.

From a DJ set in Ibiza's sun-soaked Blue Malin to the infamous Hotel Costes in Paris, from the legendary Met Bar of the early 00's to the DJ sets at some of London finest rooftop bars, Madison's, Radio, Coq d 'Argent and the now-closed Kensington Roof Gardens.

The DJ and the music selected and played is an important part of these venues success as the food served from the kitchen and the mixologists concocting the liquor from the bar.

Everyone knows a DJ; the skill is sourcing the right ones for you and your establishment. As anything of quality, great DJs come at a premium. At the same time, we understand you have a bottom line and budget constraints and as such we aim to source the finest DJs to suit your price point and music brief.

We currently provide our DJs and live musicians across a wide selection of venues both in and around London and into Europe. If you would like to discuss your music programming, we'd be happy to offer you an initial consultation and help deliver the right DJ and music soundtrack to your venue or brand.

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