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At Matt Maurice Events, we offer a vast and impressive collection of event lighting for hire, designed to transform any venue and bring your vision to life. Whether you're planning a wedding, private party, or corporate event, our diverse range of lighting options will create a stunning backdrop that suits your theme and atmosphere perfectly.

With our expert lighting services, you can turn any venue into a captivating space. Our fully serviced lighting packages cover every aspect of event illumination, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests. From elegant uplighting that gracefully washes the walls with captivating hues to precise table pin-spots that highlight every detail, we've got you covered. For an unforgettable night of dancing, our advanced dancefloor lighting systems will dazzle and mesmerize, setting the perfect mood for everyone to enjoy.

To guarantee flawless execution, our experienced lighting technicians will install and manage the lighting systems throughout your event. They will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and make any necessary adjustments on the fly. At Matt Maurice Events, we pride ourselves on offering complimentary lighting hire advice, drawing from our team's vast expertise in illuminating a wide array of venues, from historic castles to rustic barns, and from grand stately homes to luxurious five-star hotels.

Lighting Hire Options


At Matt Maurice Events, our expertise lies in delivering a truly bespoke and adaptable event lighting experience that caters to a diverse range of venues and themes. Our comprehensive event lighting services can be tailored to any venue, showcasing our versatility and proficiency in handling various event settings.


We pride ourselves on curating the perfect ambience for your event. Utilizing an extensive selection of lighting styles, cutting-edge equipment, captivating colour palettes, and innovative special effects, we can create a lively and energetic dance floor, a sophisticated and flattering atmosphere for dining spaces, or attention-grabbing spotlights to enhance your entertainment. Whether an intimate indoor gathering or an extravagant outdoor celebration, our lighting designs will elevate your event to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.


With our experience spanning a wide array of venues, we have mastered the art of creating unique and captivating lighting arrangements that complement the distinct character of each location. From grand ballrooms to rustic barns, from elegant five-star hotels to charming outdoor spaces, our team knows how to accentuate the best features of any venue while capturing the essence of your vision. No matter the event space, our adaptable approach ensures seamless integration of lighting elements, enhancing the ambience and creating a memorable experience.


Every detail of our event lighting is meticulously crafted with your preferences and theme in mind, whether it be a wedding, private party, or corporate event. We collaborate closely with you to understand your specific requirements, ensuring that each element is precisely tailored to your tastes. Whether you desire a classic and timeless look or a modern design, our skilled team of lighting technicians will work their magic to bring your vision to life. The result is a bespoke lighting experience that aligns perfectly with your goals.



Our event production team focuses on the finest details that can have a significant impact on the atmosphere and experience of your event, whether a wedding, private party, or corporate event. We can recommend the most suitable lighting hire packages based on your aspirations, from large-scale wall wash lighting to reimagining exterior walls in colourful accents, creating thematic lighting to ensure guests are at ease, or branded lighting synonymous with your organisation.

Our experienced planners can discuss your specifications with you, visit your intended venue, and organise everything through to the execution on the day of the event itself. Lighting has the power to enhance your event by creating a mood and texture, turning smaller venues into dazzling spaces, and making expansive halls feel more intimate. Contact us now using the form below, and take the first step towards transforming your event into an extraordinary moment that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


At Matt Maurice Events, we curate exceptional musical experiences for a diverse range of clients, with testimonials from renowned brands, private individuals, and esteemed press titles and publications. Our testimonials speak volumes about the breadth and range of our event experience, where we adapt our approach to each event's unique space, theme, and vision.

Recent clients and events include:

  • Bank Of America, London Office: Each year Matt Maurice Events provides the soundtrack to their stunning private rooftop summer BBQ events, overlooking St Paul’s and London’s skyline.
  • Amazonico London: a gorgeous Mayfair restaurant that transports guests to the heart of South America with a luxe ambience, sensory dining experience, and a fantastic space to celebrate in style.
  • Private Party: Performing alongside Motown music legend Diana Ross with an incredible DJ set before and after her performance.

We also organise live musicians and entertainment for weddings, private parties, corporate events, and any other celebration requiring musical brilliance and expertise in event management.


Matt Maurice Events provides event lighting hire in some of the most prestigious and well-known venues in London and beyond, including the stunning Barn at Botley Hill, contemporary The Studio in Victoria, and the stylish Millbridge Court in Surrey. Whether you have a wedding, corporate event, or private party in mind, our team is experienced in event production across an array of venues and can cater event production advice around your venue to ensure that the best recommendation for event lighting is made.

On the day of the event itself, you can rest assured that our skilled event technicians are adept at handling diverse venues. From contemporary skyscrapers to historical heritage and conservation properties, we have the know-how and experience to fit event assets seamlessly. Our technicians are well-equipped to assess each venue's intricacies and recommend the most appropriate provisions and techniques, ensuring flawless execution of your event.



Can I combine multiple hire services for one event?

Yes, we endeavour to provide a personalised, flexible, and professional service and can combine any of our exclusive event hire services you may require. Matt Maurice Music Events offers equipment hire for drapery, lighting, DJ booths, staging, dancefloors and other essential elements of a superb celebration or event.

Our event production team can also liaise with you to recommend the right equipment and additions to bring your vision to life or manage a coordinated delivery, installation, and testing process to ensure your event is expertly organised.

What special event lighting can I book for my event?

Special effects lighting can add a touch of mystery, luxury, or simple joy to any event. Show-stopping lighting g and pyrotechnics are sure to deliver a memorable, dramatic experience and capture your guests' imaginations and enthusiasm.

We provide a wide range of lighting and specialist equipment, including dry ice, confetti cannons and laser lighting, always adapted to your specifications and requirements.

As a highly experienced team of events managers and producers, we can recommend the most appropriate positioning and usage of special effects equipment, test and ensure every asset is running seamlessly in advance and provide guidance as to health and safety regulations or documentation required to assure you of the safe usage and operation of all hired equipment.

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