A band can truly make an event a memorable one. Able to suit a multitude of styles and themes, we can provide industry-leading bands for hire - from famous duos and live five-piece bands to soul and Jazz bands. Matt Maurice is a trusted partner for many high end venues, helping event organisers to source the perfect band for the occasion.

With many years of experience in event production, our experts listen to your needs and desires for band hire at your wedding, party or corporate event. We have close relationships with bands that have performed at many of the finest luxury venues both in London and abroad.

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Which bands do we work with?

From weddings to Christmas parties, we have worked with some outstanding bands who know how to engage a crowd. From a full swing band to a jazz trio, or a string ensemble playing Ibiza classics, to a fresh and fun party rock band - our bands are versatile and adaptable. For example, Hetty and her band are an Anglo-Italian Jazz Band with a unique sound that brings to their audiences a taste of la dolce vita with their modern twist on vintage, classic Italian songs. Get in contact with us today to find out more about the bands we work with.

Stunning Venues

Picture the venue and then picture of an amazing band in it. We have been there, done it and pleased many of our customers. We're happy to have provided bands to some of the finest venues in London, the home counties and around the world You can see our full venue portfolio here.


Singers for hire: Matt Maurice provides a wide range of singers and vocalists for your weddings, corporate events and parties. A special touch of elegance and entertainment, create emotional connections and bring true ambience to your event. Amazing vocalists can bring feelings of love, joy and nostalgia to your attendees.

Pianists for hire: A live pianist performance can provide one of the most unique touches to an event. Our pianists for hire can play to your requirements and offer a wide range of versatility from classical to jazz to pop.

Guitarists for hire: Guitarists can provide a unique, rustic feel to high-end events. They offer true versatility and can play before or during a reception, a Christmas party or any other event, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that keeps your guests entertained and engaged.

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