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Matt Maurice Events has established a distinguished reputation in the corporate event space, offering unparalleled DJ services across London. Our diverse and prestigious clientele ranges from esteemed publications like Vanity Fair, Tatler, and OK Magazine to renowned automotive giants including Audi, Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, as well as blue-chip internationals such as Sony BMG, EA Games, Virgin, the Bank of America, and Bloomberg.

Evolving from our roots as a dedicated DJ company, we have expanded to encompass full-scale event production and musician hire. This growth signifies our commitment to providing a holistic event experience, eliminating the hassle of coordinating with multiple suppliers for music and DJ services. We understand that events transcend the conventional—they are an integral part of our daily experiences, whether it's a Saturday night party, a dining experience at a restaurant, a visit to a club, or attending a wedding reception.

Our philosophy centres around the belief that the quality and visual appeal of music is critical in defining the success of any event. By choosing Matt Maurice Events for your corporate functions, you are opting for an experience where impeccable sound meets sophisticated visual aesthetics, ensuring your event is not just another gathering, but a memorable event.

Why Matt Maurice Events for Corporate Event DJ Hire?

The Impact of a DJ

Matt Maurice Events understands the transformative impact a skilled, professional DJ can have on a corporate event. Our team, renowned for leading the way in event production and musical entertainment, boasts DJs with vast international expertise. Catering to an array of sectors from aviation to fashion, our DJs bring energy and passion to every occasion, whether it's product launches, exclusive hospitality events, or vibrant social gatherings. We excel in meticulously tailoring our services to match the unique mood and aesthetic of each event, ensuring the perfect ambience whether for refined dining or energetic party atmospheres. With a deep understanding of diverse audience dynamics and a commitment to bespoke event experiences, our DJs don't just play music; they create an unforgettable atmosphere that resonates with your brand and leaves a lasting impression.

Everything from One Supplier

Choosing Matt Maurice Events brings the significant benefit of centralising all your event requirements under one roof. Our team excels in managing every detail, from comprehensive planning to impeccable execution on the day, allowing you to immerse yourself in the event without any concerns. We deliver the ideal sound system, create the perfect ambience with sophisticated lighting, and synchronize music and audiovisual elements to suit your event's theme. Our all-encompassing services can include DJs, event production, and musicians, all tailored into a personalised package that caters to the distinct needs of your event.

Experienced and Versatile DJ Talent

Our roster of DJs at Matt Maurice Events is versatile and experienced, prepared for any event scenario. With a deep understanding of various musical styles and audience dynamics, they are adept at assembling sets that engage and entertain a diverse group of attendees. This adaptability is key to creating a memorable event, whether it's a refined corporate function or a lively thematic gathering. Our planning team is ready to recommend DJs who match the specific requirements of your event, ensuring a seamless fit with the desired ambience. The capacity of our DJs to connect with and enhance the event's mood ensures a vibrant and captivating experience throughout.

Brand Alignment

Understanding the importance of brand representation in corporate events, Matt Maurice Events excels in customising both music and event production to resonate with your company’s brand guidelines. Our team works closely with you to ensure that every aspect of our service – from the music selections to the event production presentation – aligns seamlessly with your brand. Whether it’s reinforcing a corporate message through thematic music or creating an ambience that reflects your brand’s personality, we adapt our services to become an extension of your brand. This bespoke approach not only elevates the event experience but also strengthens your brand’s presence and connection with the audience.

DJ Combinations


Personalised Consultation and Planning

Your journey to a successful corporate event begins with our customised approach at Matt Maurice Events. From the outset, we are committed to understanding your company's unique requirements and goals. During our initial consultation, we dive into your event's objectives, audience, and brand, ensuring every aspect of our service is fine-tuned to meet your specific needs. This collaborative planning stage is key to developing a sophisticated and personalised package that aligns seamlessly with the theme and tone of your corporate event.

Interactive Music Selection

Matt Maurice Events offers a tailored approach to music selection for your event. Upon booking, choose your level of involvement: browse our extensive music library spanning diverse genres and styles, or trust our DJs to create a custom soundtrack. This flexibility ensures the music not only sounds great but also aligns with your event’s ambience and goals. Whether you curate your playlist or rely on our expertise, we guarantee a musical experience that complements your corporate identity and enhances the event atmosphere.

Before the Event

In the lead-up to your corporate event, our dedicated team at Matt Maurice Events takes charge of comprehensive planning and management. We meticulously align every detail with your vision, ensuring a cohesive and impactful event. On the day of the event, expect flawless execution with our full on-site support. Our team will manage all logistics, liaise with vendors, and coordinate technical aspects, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and memorable experience that meets and exceeds your corporate standards.




Matt Maurice Events provides corporate event DJ hires in some of the most prestigious and well-known venues for corporate events in London, including the Natural History and Science Museums, the iconic National Theatre, The Tate Modern, and The Underglobe. The versatility of our DJs shines through in every venue. Our team works closely with venue staff to ensure seamless integration of our sound and lighting equipment, respecting the aesthetics and specific requirements of each site. On the day of the event, we handle all the technical aspects, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the celebration. Rest assured, our expertise and meticulous planning guarantee an exceptional DJ experience, no matter the venue.


At Matt Maurice Events, our esteemed client list includes Audi, McLaren, Ferrari, Vanity Fair, OK Magazine, Tatler, Sony BMG, Virgin, EA Games, Revlon, Chanel, and Charlotte Tilbury, which attests to our capability to provide world-class DJ services for diverse, high-profile corporate events. Our experience spans across sectors, from luxury automotive and media to beauty and finance, notably serving the Bank of America and Bloomberg. This breadth of collaboration showcases our proficiency in meeting the exacting standards and unique demands of exclusive events across various industries.

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  • Store DJs: the visitor experience is of significant importance in any new store launch, showcase, PR event or opening, and music, entertainment, and expert hospitality can make an enormous difference to the vibe, impressions and enthusiasm that visitors, reporters, guests and partners take away. We can provide DJs for closed-store exclusive events, product showcases, and grand openings, creating the ambience and styling you have in mind.
  • DJ hire in London: we provide DJs for London events varying from private, exclusive parties in some of the most famous clubs and event spaces in the world to larger-scale entertainment for celebrations and events, always with impeccable taste, faultless sound quality and optional event production for a truly unique event.
  • AV Hire: If required, we're also able to look after any AV hire requirements to deliver a one-stop event solution. We stock a selection of contemporary DJ booths and smart, discreet sound systems designed to blend in or stand out within the event's theme or style. For lighting hire in London, we're able to provide an all-in-one DJ, sound and lighting package, offering you the ability to deal with one point of contact and allowing you more time to concentrate on the event itself.

About Our Corporate Event DJs in London and around the world

Corporate events require a different structure from private parties and celebrations, and the way you approach, address, entertain and engage your guests and invitees will affect the lasting effect. Our initial consultation with one of our experienced coordinators helps us highlight your key requirements in terms of the following:

  • The venue or setting.
  • The format and intention of the event.
  • Your guest mix and audience.
  • Styling and themes.

Matt Maurice Events has provided high-quality event DJs for some of the most prestigious events globally, from black tie galas and charity balls to awards ceremonies, conferences, seasonal occasions and product launches, catering to PR representatives, brand specialists and exclusive guests, sponsors and affiliates.

Our focus is on superb quality with faultless delivery, creating sophisticated, bespoke and on-brand thematic playlists to deliver the mood and ambience you wish to provide. A talented DJ can adapt their playlists to any corporate event, setting your occasion apart as a golden ticket on the hospitality circuit or a luxe corporate celebration that every guest will wish to attend.

Contact us today for a bespoke consultation

We know the structure, protocol and corporate event DJ requirements needed to fulfil a client’s expectations in delivering a faultless DJ service and live performance; we can provide exactly what is expected for your corporate events in London and around the world. From a DJ for a summer barbecue to helping create a sophisticated one-off playlist and DJ set for a product launch or promotion.

From playing background music during an initial reception and dinner to playing a full-on party set across multiple music genres to entertain all ages. We'll always source the very best corporate event DJ to fit in with the company brand and client's music brief.

For corporate event DJs further afield, we're also available and experienced in international events and regularly provide event DJs for corporate events in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and many other worldwide destinations.

If required, we're also able to look after any AV hire requirements so as to deliver a one-stop event solution. We stock a selection of slick, contemporary DJ booths and smart, discreet sound systems designed to blend in or stand out within the event's theme or style. For lighting hire in London, we're able to provide an all-in-one DJ, sound and lighting package, offering you the ability to deal with one point of contact and allowing you more time to concentrate on the event itself.

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