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Only the very finest partners in music, incorporating a dream team of private party and events DJs, chosen for their experience and accumulated musical knowledge with all of our DJs' rich musical heritage passed down from backgrounds in music production, live bands and from playing at many of the worlds finest clubs, bars and venues.

Matt Maurice Event Music is a DJ company through and through and it's in our DNA, we're not music agents and we're proud to work closely with our partner DJs who represent our good name around the world.

Based on the client's objectives and ideas, Matt Maurice DJs select the music designed to capture and enhance the mood and energy of the event. From private cocktail parties and weddings, to film premieres, clubs and corporate events, or to create brand awareness.

From initial consultation and an evaluation of your needs and objectives, Matt Maurice collaborates with you every step of the way to deliver a tailored, unique and sophisticated DJ package.

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