Terms Of Business

Contract & Bookings Terms Of Business

1. Definitions

"Contract" means a contract for the hire of equipment and/or Artist services by the acceptance of an order / cleared funds deposit

"Equipment" means the equipment described or any individual item thereof.

"Artist" means DJ, Band, Singer or another live performance artist.

"Assistant" means a member of Matt Maurice staff or crew technician

"Hire Period" means a period starting on the date that equipment is despatched to or collected by the hirer and ending on the date on which the equipment is returned to MMEM.

"Hirer" means the hirer, whether it be a company or individual, of equipment from MMEM.

"MM" means the company Matt Maurice Event Music and/or Production. Matt Maurice Event Music and/production is the trading name of MMEP Limited.

2. All descriptions and specifications, drawings and particulars of weights and dimensions issued by MM are approximate only and are intended only to present a general idea of the goods to which they refer and shall not form part of the contract.

3. MM reserves the right to supply equipment of similar design to the equipment booked.

4. Artist Bookings: Unless booked on an Artist only basis, your Artist is entirely self-contained with sound, lighting and music if that is what you booked. The hirer should supply a minimum of two13 amp 240-volt sockets on a minimum 16-amp supply at the working position and a clear solid level working space and ceiling height to accommodate all equipment booked.

5. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the electrical supply is safe, properly earthed and is supplied at the correct voltage. Our staff and Artists will not connect to an electrical supply which they consider to be anything less than totally safe.

6. Should equipment be set up directly on top of a dance floor, we have the right to position our equipment to an area we deem more suitable if we feel this unsafe.

7. MUSIC: If required, Artists will accommodate requests throughout the event wherever possible and in line with the events music policy. Every effort is also made to accommodate advanced music request lists although the playing of every track is not guaranteed.

8. Unless otherwise stated on the booking agreement, the standard fee is for up to four hours before 00.00 / midnight, from the time the performance/event is contracted to be ready to start. (i.e. 8 pm to 12 midnight). Additional hours will be charged, see definition 9.

9. Artists and crew may play/work on later than contracted if requested by the customer. In these circumstances, the client will be invoiced after the event on a pro-rata basis. No cash should be paid to the artist or crew. Additional hours require only a verbal confirmation from the client on the evening of the event. This confirmation confirms the additional fees.

10. Standard fees are based on Staff and Artists arriving immediately prior to playing / event start time. Where an early set up is required an additional fee may be made.

11. All prices quoted are plus VAT and as stated on your quotation.

12. MM under no circumstances operates an open book audit policy.

13. Should the hirer instruct that the equipment is to be installed early in the day and left on site, without wishing to pay MM staff being in attendance throughout the day, the safety and security of the equipment shall be at the hirer’s risk. The hirer must safeguard against theft, damage, third party liability and other risks whilst the equipment is in their charge. The hirer should contact their insurers to ensure that they have adequate cover, the minimum requirement being the replacement value of the equipment, which could be in excess of £25,000.

14. Where an event finishes later than 2 am, the hirer should provide overnight accommodation in the form of a twin room, bed and breakfast for the DJ and assistant. This should ideally be on-site, or close to the venue. If this is not possible please notify our office at the time of booking.

15. Your booking is legally binding once accepted via our online system.

16. Deposits are due once digital confirmation is made via our online system to secure the date. Full payment is due one month prior to the event date.

17. The booking confirmation is sent when the hirer’s non-refundable deposit has cleared at our bank. Any changes to the agreement must be confirmed in writing by both sides. Cancellation of a confirmed booking may only be made in writing or by email from the hirer’s email address. Bookings cannot be cancelled by telephone.

18. In the event of a cancellation by the hirer, a cancellation fee will be made on the following basis, payment being due at the time of cancellation. More than 26 weeks’ notice, loss of deposit. Less than 26 weeks’ notice, full balance payable. All cancellation fees and balance are payable upon notice of cancellation.

19. When a booking has been formally cancelled, and that cancellation accepted by both parties, the client forfeits any rights to use that Artist / Equipment on that date, irrespective of deposits or cancellation charge paid or due.

20. MM shall have the right to terminate a contract forthwith by giving notice in writing if the hirer fails to make payment of any sum in accordance with the contract, or the hirer enters into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntarily otherwise than for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction without insolvency or shall compound or make any arrangement with its creditors or shall be the subject of any application for an administration order or shall be subject of any proposal under part 1 of the Insolvency Act 1986 for a composition in satisfaction of its debts.

21. Every effort is made to provide the Artist of the hirer’s choice. Should unavoidable circumstances arise as outlined in clause 29 below, MM reserves the right to substitute an alternative Artist with similar experience and musical knowledge at any time up to and including the day of the event without prior notice.

22. All equipment used, and practices adopted to conform to Health and Safety legislation and recommendations. All equipment is serviced and tested to PAT safety regulations.

23. The hirer has the right to control the sound level within the limitations of the equipment, subject to the venue’s allowed noise limitations.

24. The Artists and Crew Assistants shall be deemed to be under the direction and control of the client and shall be regarded as the servant or agent of the hirer, who alone shall be responsible for any claims arising from placing or operation of the equipment.

25. The hirer should provide the Artists and Assistants with secure changing facilities and reasonable refreshments at no charge. Where the Artist or Assistant is required to be at the venue for four hours or more including setting up and strike times, a hot meal should be provided. Should no arrangements be made to feed the Artists and Assistants prior to the performance an additional charge of £25.00 per Artist and/or Assistant will be invoiced after the event. For shorter periods less than four hours, refreshment in the form of soft drinks only need to be provided whilst the Artists and assistants are working.

26. The hirer is responsible for safeguarding the equipment of MM and any equipment supplied by contractors to MM and is expected to reimburse for any losses, damages, breakages or injuries. Damages include permanent staining or cigarette burn marks to both our furniture and / or dance floors.

27. In the unlikely event of any dissatisfaction or complaint, this must be notified to the MM office within 48 hours of the event by telephone message and the details of the complaint advised in writing within seven days.

28. Limit of Liability. In the unlikely circumstances of unsatisfactory or incomplete performance, the liability of MM shall not exceed the individual fee payable for the specific item charged for that individual event on that date.

29. Whilst every effort is made to ensure a smooth running of all events, MM cannot be held responsible or liable for circumstances beyond their control, including road traffic incidents and disruption, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, war, civil war, rebellion and revolution.

30. MM shall not be liable for the following loss or damage howsoever caused and even if foreseeable by or in contemplation of MM. Loss of profits, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings whether sustained by the hirer or any other person, or special, indirect or consequential loss, other than direct physical damage to tangible property of the hirer or any other person, or any loss arising from any claim made against MMEM by any other person.

31. For long term hire, charges run from the day of despatch until the day of return and are based on a period of one day irrespective of whether the goods are in use or not, unless otherwise stated in your booking contract.

32. Use of hire equipment. The hirer shall ensure that the equipment is installed and used by competent and qualified personnel in a manner which complies with any applicable statute, regulation or order from time to time in force affecting the equipment including but not limited to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and any statutory amendment or replacement of it.

33. The hirer shall not without the prior written consent of MM make any modification or alteration to the equipment or take the equipment outside mainland Great Britain.

34. The hirer shall allow MM to inspect the equipment upon request during MM's normal working hours

35. Ownership. The equipment shall at all times remain the property of MM and the hirer shall have no rights to the equipment other than as hirer and the hirer shall not do or permit or cause to be done any matter or thing whereby the rights of MM in respect of the equipment are or may be prejudicially affected.

36. Dance Floor Hire. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the surface onto which the floor is to be laid is completely level, clean and dry. Upon delivery, if for any of these reasons the floor cannot be installed, full payment will still be due for the delivery, collection and hire of the dance floor.

37. 3rd Party Equipment use. If the hirer is supplying their own Artist, DJ or Band, the hirer is also responsible for any of the Artists action or use of the equipment. If there is any damage to MM equipment as a result of any misuse, the hirer will be liable for all replacement and repair costs.

38. Furniture Hire. Please note that pen ink and dark denim wash dyes stain MM Furniture. Clients will be liable for re-upholstery cost due to marks incurred. The Client is wholly responsible for all furniture from the time of delivery until it is collected. If the furniture is used or stored outdoors the hirer is fully responsible for damage caused by the weather or any other associated hazard. Any breakage, loss or damage, however, caused, will be charged to the Client at the full replacement cost.

39. Please note, unless confirmed otherwise in writing, should any of our onsite vehicles incur a parking ticket charge or any other fees due to the venue providing insufficient areas for loading/unloading, the cost will be passed on to you the client. In this instance, we will provide a copy of the ticket(s) after the event.

40. Recording rights. MM will on occasion record audio, pictures and videos from our events for promotional use. Please let us know in writing in advance of your event should you wish for us not to. We will adhere to all Non-Disclosure Agreements.

41. Pandemic and public health emergency. If your event is postponed due to either a pandemic or public health emergency, all deposits and monies paid will be transferred to your new booking date. If your event is cancelled and/or the provision of music banned, this will incur your loss of deposit only and no further payments will be due.