22nd January 2024

Wedding DJs in Greece

Amazing DJs for the best day of your life!

Drawing from extensive expertise in delivering DJ services for international weddings, parties and events, both the Matt Maurice team and I have decided to travel and sample the atmosphere first-hand. Our goal is to immerse ourselves in the hospitality and vibe of the venues and countries where we are often asked to work, so we began our journey with a trip to the land of the gods - Greece. Having explored Greece as a young DJ spending the summer at 17 playing in Dassia, Corfu, it makes for a stunning and unforgettable event destination.

We experienced and sampled the renowned Sani Resort, situated in Halkidiki, Greece. A sought-after destination for couples seeking a picturesque and unforgettable wedding, Sani Resort boasts breathtaking surroundings, luxurious accommodations and excellent service - ensuring an exceptional wedding experience. Discover below our comprehensive guide to weddings at Sani Resort:

Sani Resort presents a variety of stunning venues for both your wedding ceremony and reception, including scenic locations such as Sani Hill, Sani Gardens, and the Beachfront. You can select a venue tailored to your specific preferences and to accommodate your guest list. There are customised wedding packages at Sani Resort that cater to your specific needs and include essential services such as wedding coordination, venue set up, decorations, flowers, photography, catering and accommodation for both the couple and guests. Sani Resort offers a range of luxury accommodations for you and your guests, from elegant suites to private villas, there are options to suit different preferences and price points.

For those opting for a legal wedding ceremony in Greece, Sani Resort’s experienced wedding coordinators stand ready to assist with paperwork and the necessary steps to guide you through the process. However, beyond the wedding festivities, Sani Resort also offers an array of activities and entertainment to enjoy throughout your stay, including spa treatments, water sports, golf, tennis, and access to stunning beaches. You can also extend the joy with post-wedding celebrations, from a quiet brunch or a boat trip for you and your guests. Sani Resort has everything to shape your wedding into something enjoyable and memorable including a fleet of luxury motor yachts available to charter. These are birthed within the stunning Sani Marina, surrounded by its designer stores and a la carte restaurants.

The guest’s comfort and experience are paramount, as we experienced the resort's excellent amenities. It makes for the perfect destination wedding, the perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty and Greek hospitality.

If you would like to discuss our options for DJs in Greece, contact our office for an initial discussion on availability.

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