22nd September 2023

Transforming a Corporate Summer Party for a Renowned International Bank

Transforming venues into immersive environments that captivate audiences

In the heart of King's Cross, London, an extraordinary corporate summer party unfolded, bringing together the essence of a renowned international bank's sophistication and global presence. Organised in collaboration with OnePr.ee and hosted at the iconic German Gymnasium, this event was a combination of sound, light, and cutting-edge audio-visual technology that turned a renowned venue into a captivating experience.

At Matt Maurice Events, we’re able to transform venues into immersive environments that captivate audiences. For this corporate soirée, our expertise converged with the visionary minds at OnePr.ee to create a memorable evening that would resonate with the prestige of a global corporate institution. Our role encompassed a spectrum of event production services, from sound and lighting to staging and audio-visual elements. One of the standout features of the evening was the complete video wall, the centrepiece that commanded attention on the dancefloor. The dynamic set the tone for a night of audiovisual innovation and excellence. With the DJ immersed in a screen, the boundary between performer and visual art was blurred. The result was a seamless fusion of music, sound, lighting and visuals that elevated the entire event to a sensory masterpiece.

The lighting design for the event was harmonised with the venue. Our team combined the power of the LED wall with strategically placed moving heads, stage washes, pin spots, and uplighting that bounced off the stunning custom-built black gloss stage, transforming the German Gymnasium. The choice of venue was instrumental in creating the atmosphere for this unforgettable evening, with its Grade 2 Listed historical building that provided a captivating backdrop. The venue, divided into three distinct spaces, offered a journey through the culinary delights of Germany and Mittel-European fare, as well as an exclusive cocktail destination at the chic Meister Bar.

Events like this are the result of collaboration and the dedication of creative minds. We extend our appreciation to D&D Events for curating an exceptional venue and experience, OnePr.ee for their vision and seamless organization, and SMD Photography for capturing the moments that made this event remarkable.

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