07th November 2023

Setting the Tone: In-Store DJ Service for H&M Homewear Collection Launch

In the dynamic world of retail, setting the right tone is key to creating a shopping experience that lingers in the minds of customers. For the launch of H&M's new homeware collection in the UK and Ireland, Matt Maurice Events provided its in-store DJ service that aligned perfectly with the brand's vision. Our DJs became the heartbeat of this retail display, adding a musical touch that enhanced the shopping experience.

At Matt Maurice Events, we take pride in sourcing the best DJs and music to complement your brand's image. With a wealth of experience working with some of the leading high street stores, including Chanel, Harrods, Diesel, Office, Tesco, and H&M, our in-store DJ service is the ultimate solution for enhancing the retail experience for customers. It extends beyond the music —it's about enhancing the overall shopping experience. By fusing the brand's identity with meticulously curated playlists, we create an auditory ambience that not only complements the store's theme but also accentuates the unique characteristics of the products on display. The outcome is a shopping environment that pulsates with life, inviting customers to delve into a multi-sensory brand experience.

Our roster of in-store DJs is as varied as it is discerning. Years of experience within the DJ industry have allowed us to assemble a collection of experienced full-time music selectors. We understand that every brand and event is unique. And our reputation for curating exceptional musical atmospheres has made us the trusted choice for brands that understand the power of music in retail.

The in-store DJ service covers a wide range of events, including product launches, new store openings, and festive events. We offer flexible packages, whether you need DJs as a standalone service or require all the equipment through our event production service. This comprehensive approach allows brands to streamline their event planning, obtaining sound, lighting, staging, and more, all from one supplier. It's about making the process seamless so you can focus on promoting your brand and creating a shopping experience that leaves an enduring impression.

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