Live DJ & Saxophone Hire / DJ & Percussion Hire

DJ - Sax - Percussion - Strings - Vocals

Creating an Amazing Live Experience to Complement Your DJ's set

From our many years' of experience and the diverse range of events we've played, we have bought together the dream team of amazing live vocals, saxophone players and percussionists to hire.


Lift the dance floor further by adding any one or all of the additional live elements to complement the DJ and music.


Our DJ and saxophone or DJ and percussionist are our most popular combinations of live elements for an array of parties, weddings and events and a great alternative to a full live band.


Make it live!


DJ & Vocals

DJ & Percussion

DJ & Saxophone

DJ & Trumpet

DJ & Violin 


Or any combination you like!


For Parties, Weddings and Events

DJs and Musicians

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